“To be properly educated to practice his or her art, it is essential that a knowledge of science be supplemented by familiarity with the humanities.”

John P. McGovern, MD.

Permanent Exhibits

Amazing Body Gallery

Take a larger-than-life walking tour through the human body and learn about how your major organs work.

DeBakey Cell Lab

DeBakey Cell Lab

Gear up with a lab coat, gloves, and goggles and travel through experiment stations designed to introduce biology-based science to the public.

your body your air health museum

Your Body Your Air

Your Body, Your Air explores four common types of air pollutants and their sources in the Houston area, and how they affect our bodies and our communities.

Traveling Exhibits

Drugs: Costs & Consequences

This exhibit from the Drug Enforcement Administration Museum is designed to shed light on the science of drug addiction and the myriad costs of illegal drugs to individuals, American society, and the world and to provide context on how we can make a difference.

Veteran Vision Project

Arizona State University student and photographer Devin Mitchell created the Veteran Vision Project to capture the diversity of veterans and their experiences.