Tree of Life with Abby Gray & Dee Everett

Abby Gray, author of Clayton Sparks Leaves His Mark and organ donation advocate, together with Dee Everett, Art Teacher at the School of Science and Technology – The Woodlands, conducted a book reading & art activity, to share the impact of organ donations through the power of storytelling. 

Retell the Story of Clayton Sparks

Abby’s husband, Reid Gray, received a directed donation liver transplant from Clayton Sparks in January 2019, sparking a profound connection between the two families. Inspired by Clayton’s kindness and generosity, Abby composed a children’s book celebrating his spirit and encouraging acts of kindness. Abby’s mother, Dee Everett, illustrated the book. Clayton Sparks Leaves His Mark not only spreads positivity, but also gently broaches the topic of organ donation, fostering important conversations within families.  

In addition to her literary contributions, Abby and Dee created a remarkable Tree of Life display, a 7 ft x 7 ft visual representation of our interconnectedness through organ donation. Participants were invited to decorate a leaf and place it on the Tree of Life, symbolizing the bonds forged by this selfless act. 

As participants select symbols for their contributions to the Tree of Life, they discover the myriad connections with organ donation—as registered donors, friends of donors or recipients, or believers in the cause. This event fostered a sense of community and interconnectedness. 

The Healing Power of Storytelling

From ancient times when narratives were used as therapeutic tools, to modern-day arts therapy practices, storytelling has always been a channel of healing. Through her book, Abby not only celebrates Clayton Spark’s legacy, but also harnesses the power of storytelling to offer solace and inspiration to readers.

In honoring Clayton Sparks and sharing his story, Abby seamlessly intertwines the ancient tradition of storytelling with the modern advocacy for organ donation, highlighting the enduring efficacy of narrative in promoting emotional healing and well-being. 

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Man left brain dead after skiing accident donates liver to save a father’s life

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