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Kathryn Straw

Senior Director, Institutional Advancement


Drugs: Costs and Consequences

OPENING THIS SATURDAY September 30, 2023

Illegal drugs are an ever-present threat in American society. This exhibit from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Museum is designed to shed light on the science of drug addiction and the myriad costs of illegal drugs to individuals, American society, and the world and to provide context on how we can make a difference. Through artifacts, exhibits, historical details, science content, and video and interactive stations, the exhibit provides a powerful look at one of the biggest issues facing America today.

To learn more about this DEA Museum Traveling exhibit, visit drugexhibit.org.

Thank you to all of our Exhibit Steering Committee community leaders for your support!

Sean Fearns, Chief of Community Outreach, DEAJan Wrzesinski, Director of DEA MuseumDaniel Comeaux, Special Agent in Charge, DEA


Our intent is for every student in Houston, and surrounding communities, to be able to take advantage of this exhibit and its message concerning the current dangers of drug misuse and its effects on the brain and body as well as friends, families, and society.

We are offering BUS VOUCHERS for this next school fall semester.

As usual, field trips will be customized to each school's needs, and we can now add reimbursement for bus transportation. Busses will need to have a minimum of 30 people to be eligible for the reimbursement/payment.

Call to schedule your field trip
Mention the exhibit BUS VOUCHER program
Tour the exhibit during your field trip
We will send a check to reimburse bus costs or can be invoiced through the bus depot

Exhibit Partners

$25,000 & Above
DEA Education Foundation
Drug Enforcement Administration

Presenting Sponsors

$15,0000 - $24,9999

Supporting Sponsor

$5,000 - $14,999

Program Underwriter

$1,000- $4,999

Field Trip Sponsor

$1,000 / Field Trip
For every $1,000 donated you will support a full school bus of students on a field trip to the Museum to experience the exhibit, participate in live dissections and visit the DeBakey Cell Lab.

Bus Voucher

$500 / Bus Voucher
For every $500 donated you will support the transportation of a full bus of students to the Museum to experience the exhibit.


Thank you for your interest!
To reach as many people as possible and get them through our doors to experience this impactful exhibit, we need help generating awareness and extending the Museum's reach.

We can use your help in many ways:
Utilize your networks to distribute information on the exhibit and programs associated with the exhibit
Utilize your media contacts to present opportunities for press coverage
Organize special group viewings within your networks
Distribute information about the exhibit at your place of business, on your website, or in your newsletters
Utilize your volunteer network to assist with tours of the exhibit or special programs in conjunction with the exhibit

Contact Stephanie Wigginton for outreach opportunities