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 On display Jan. 17 - May 3


What is a PET scan? How does an MRI work? What can a CT scan show you that an X-Ray cannot? Learn the answers to all these in Beyond the X-Ray. Through graphics and multimedia, this exhibit focuses on understanding and learning new advances in the use of X-Ray, MRI, CAT, Ultrasound, PET and three-dimensional imaging technology. 

Visitors can "fly" through the human body, explore how three-dimensional medical videos are made, and see how the technology of medical imaging merges art with science. 

Explore medical imaging and the ways doctors look inside the human body without surgical procedures. Get up-close with real images and learn what doctors actually see when making a diagnosis.

Beyond the X-Ray is included in your general admission to The Health Museum. This exhibit was developed by the Museum of Science, Boston with partial funding by the Small Business Administration. 

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